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Film & Edit – Luke Pilbeam
Interviews by Isa Guha
Additional film by…
Gentleman Broadcasters
Ruaraidh Monies
Alastair Sopp
James Doyle
Eddie Milano Rourke
Ruth Ley
Jack Johns
Matt Smith
Mitch Corbett
And Gentleman Broadcasters who were truly amazing before, during and after the event.

Interviews by Isa Guha.

Also thank you to our sponsors for there continued support and generosity.

Rip Curl
Robie Robies
Barefoot Wine
X-Treme video
Ayr Holiday Park

And a big thank you to Simon Taylor at Collective Events


Voting for The JR’s Rip Shreadathon! Please Vote now


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Ok people, sorry for the wait, but here is the final edits from the Shredathon, that was held back in september, in association with the Greenaway Pro .

Now it’s time to get voting, check out all the vids that have been filmed and edited and like the one you thought has one.

The winning team will receive a brand new custom made RT Surfboards , a lovely Rip Curl Anti series jacket and a dog cam HD 2 1080p bullet cam.

Voting will last for a week, so make sure you all get your vote in before it ends.

Good luck to all the teams

Super 8 Edit from Jack Whitefield.

GREENAWAY PRO _ 2013 from Jack Whitefield on Vimeo.

Chasing Mavericks


Sometimes, when we can’t get out on the waves, film (yes, specifically surfing film) is the answer to help us stay in touch with our wild sides. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, unable to take visits to suitable beaches, or simply busy for a while, there will certainly be times like this in life. and film can serve as a great retreat. This past summer I was having just such a period – kept out of the water by a couple of nagging injuries – and I found an unexpected silver lining in the much-criticized film “Chasing Mavericks,” and wanted to share it with other surfers.


I’ll get one thing straight right off the bat: this film is by no means a classic cinematic achievement, nor is it particularly original. If you visit, you’ll find a slew of reviews ranging from poor to disastrous. But if you’re a fan of surfing, and you have an imaginative side, this film might appeal to you in much the same way that a mediocre sports film like “Goal! The Dream Begins” might appeal to a football fan – it’s just going to strike a note close to your heart. Again, it wasn’t a very popular film, but you can hopefully find it available before long in Picturebox Films or some similar streaming service (I mention this one in particular because they cycle their collection of available titles each month, and are adept at selecting films that appeal to certain niche audiences). Now, on to the film itself!


As Roger Ebert noted rather expertly (of course), “Chasing Mavericks” followed a fairly standard format for a teen coming-of-age film. The protagonist is a somewhat lost and angst-y teenage boy named Jay Moriarity (Jonny Weston) whose father has abandoned him, and whose mother is generally unhelpful. Jay was saved from drowning as a boy by neighbour Frosty Hesson (Gerard Butler), and when he later sees Hesson riding monstrous waves – “Mavericks,” gigantic swells that come about once a decade to California – he feels compelled to join in the face.


So it goes – Hesson becomes something of a reluctant mentor and, ultimately, father figure for the teenage Jay, who sets out to learn the “pillars of surfing” so that he can conquer Mavericks, impress a girl, and find purpose.


What ensues is a familiar format. The ambitious, needy teen takes on a challenge well over his head, as the mentor helps him to improve with relatively unnatural quickness. The film is loosely based on a true story, and as such it comes across quite heartfelt and, ultimately, rather tragic. But back to my point.


If you’re just looking for a film that makes you appreciate your own ability to surf, one that makes you remember your first experiences on the waves, or a simple, familiar picture to lose yourself in if you (like me) can’t get out on the water for a while, “Chasing Mavericks” is well worth a look!



Greenaway Pro 2013, Ben Howard and DJ Daddy G (Massive Attack) a huge success in Cornwall.


With waves, weather and lots of friendly people.


With solid, fun waves and some of the best surfers in the country, Porthmeor beach became the battleground for The Greenaway Pro 2013 surf contest. With non-stop surfing for three days, every division was fiercely contested and notably the JR’s Rip Shreadathon displayed probably the best two hours of surfing ever to take place underneath the Tate.

The Winners:


OPEN – Billy Stairmaid ,

No Pro – Rowan Clifford,

Wave of the Winter – Dan Skajarowski,

Longboard – Sam Bleakley,

Women’s – Lauren Ringer

Junior – Harry De Roth

Masters – Lee Bartlett.


Even with such an eclectic mix of competitors, locals, family and onlookers, the spirit of kinship and community stayed true to the vibe that seems to be unique to The Greenaway Pro. Competition, but for a good cause. This was carried through all the way to the prize giving on Thursday 19th September, hosted by the Hub, where good food and music were served to help celebrate the coming together of the surfing community once again. Tom Greenaway’s parents John and Ruth presented the Prizes that included £3000 in a purse, sponsorship deals, surfboards, wetsuits, and one of the most precious trophies on the British surf scene. In their own words they “felt like they were amongst friends and that Tom would have loved it”. There was live music from touring band Winter Mountain and some beautiful words from the winners.


Friday Nights ‘AllAwayInGreen Film Festival and Acoustic Night’ at St Ives Cinema, was emotional and inspiring. It was a moving night with some of the most beautiful words, songs and movies enjoyed by a packed audience. Many have agreed it was nothing short of spiritual. Some of the guest speakers had come from as far as south Africa and the US. The short films included Duck Tape surfing, Birthright, and a few that have not been released yet including Hidden Lives (Story on Big wave surfer Tom Lowe). With live music from some of the most exciting up and coming names on the UK music scene Sam Fender, Rokshan and To Kill a King, the appreciative audience cared as much for the first word and melody as the last.

The Greenaway Pro is an emotional roller-coaster of high paced and competitive surfing, soft lyrical long-boarding and heart touching movies all for charity. But above all, the event is as a party to celebrate friendship and life.


Saturday 21st September was a night that will be remembered for many moons, possibly as the biggest musical event that has ever been seen west of Newquay. The stage, sound and structure would have looked more natural at Glastonbury and so would the line up. With Ben Howard and band becoming used to playing to at least 10,000 people, the lucky 1,500 strong crowd on Saturday night experienced something we are unlikely to see again in the near future. His sincerity and warmth came through and he spoke a lot with great appreciation of the elated crowd, during arguably one of his most epic and flawless shows to date. Following Ben Howard was Cornish / London band Brother and Bones, who like usual lifted the roof off the enormous tent when hundreds of people began singing along with the bands well know songs like ‘Hold Me Like The Sun’ and ‘Back To Shore’. Other acts that wowed the crowd were Radio 1’s Hottest Band of 2013 Catfish and the Bottlemen and the awesome To Kill a King, both newly signed and about to hit the big time. This will most certainly be one of those “I was there” gigs that will be talked about in years to come.


The headline DJ was Daddy G from MASSIVE ATTACK and he did what he does best, feeling the vibe of the crowd, with some of his well know tunes he really got the vibe and played a set that took The Greenaway Pro to the end of another successful year.


The success of the Greenaway Pro was self evident in the community spirit that brought the event to life. With an endless number of people giving their time, efforts and support this was truly what it set out to be, a community event. It has engrossed a wider spectrum of love and friendship. Each person involved, from the surfers, musicians, organizers and most importantly the festivalgoers seemed to feel this at every stage of the event. The team behind The Greenaway Pro would like to thank everyone involved for their positive energy, love and for partying for charity. Links

Wave of the Winter – Dan Skajarowski,

Rip Shreadathon


To support the event, please visit or follow @GreenawayPro


Press Contacts
For further press information or images and permissions to copy, please contact – thanks to Clean slate music, Sarah Clarke, James Doyal, Matt Holloway, Mike Newman and Tom Chapman for the photo

Wave of the winter winner.

It was a tough choice but i think you will agree.


Important information for tonight.

Important information from the event organizer

The Greenaway Pro 2013




1 Godrevy Towans,
TR27 5ED

Please make your way to the event site where there will be signs/directions to the camping and parking area.
Sat Nav users please use TR27 5ED and lookout for directions from the site.

The music acts playing tonight in order of appearance are:

BEN HOWARD (make sure you are there early enough not to miss this!!)

The bar will be open ALL NIGHT and please remember…


Come down early to relax and warm up for the night ahead with some freshly made organic food and barefoot wine that will be available. Then its all kicking of with BEN HOWARD AT 7PM.

Soups –
Organic vegetable
Organic butter bean, bacon & shredded savoy
Soups served with our own organic soda bread

Our own home ground & seasoned organic burgers –
Falafel – mini falafels, shredded lettuce, mint yoghurt & mayo
Dune – mayo & tomato relish
Dune Cheese – cheese, mayo & tomato relish
Cloud Break – blue cheese, mayo & tomato relish
Gnarly Wave – smoked cheese, gherkins, caramelized onion & mayo
Mavericks – cheese, bacon, mayo & tomato relish
All meat burgers are 6oz home ground & seasoned organic beef, served in a local artisan-baked organic roll, with or without fries

Organic Thai Curry & Rice –
Texan Style Pulled Pork
with Apple Coleslaw in Ciabatta
Tamblyn’s award-winning Cornish Pork Sausage
served in a bun

Hot Doughnuts, Fair Trade Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks, Snacks, Full Licensed Bar Selection & more, served all day & night


Greenaway Pro 2013 Results.

Pictures and Video to come soon.

1st Billy Stairmand – £700
2nd Stuart Campbell – £300
3rd Noah Lane – Custom Forth Surfboard
4th Alan Stokes – £75

JR’s Rip Shreadathon
On the Day winning Team
Dane Hall – Rt Surfboard
Jacub Downs – RC Flash Bomb Wetsuit
Alan Stokes – £100

Bodyboard Wave of the Winter
Dan Skajaroski – £500

1st Sam Bleakley – £300
2nd James Parry – £75
3rd Mike Lay – £50
4th Matt Thomas – £25

1st Lauren Ringer – £75 and £150 Forth surfboard Voucher
2nd Lucy Campbell – £50
3rd Janni Honchide – Rhyhm clothes
4th Tassy Swallow – £50 Cafe Pasta voucher

No Pro
1st Rowan Clifford – Gul Sponsorship
2nd Adam Bayfeild – Pukas surfboard donated by Down the Line
3rd Dan Harmon – Rhythm clothes
4th Tim Brown – Rhythm clothes

1st Harry De Roth – £150
2nd Ed Smith – £75
3rd Paddy Daniels – £50
4th Simon Trebilcock – £25

1st Lee Bartlett – Rhythm clothes
2nd Tim Whitefield – Rhythm clothes
3rd Matt Thomas – Rhythm clothes
4th Stef Harkon – Rhythm clothes

JR’s Rip Shreadathon

Here it is friends, Share away.

JR’s Shredathon from Luke Pilbeam on Vimeo.

Brother and Bones.

Really getting excited about theses guys. 10 days left.