Greenaway Pro - Charity Event

The Wave pool – Bristol.

The Wave from Nico Waves on Vimeo.


One of Greenaway’s closet friends. Tom doing it for Tom.

Bodyboard video competition

We’re all getting pretty excited about the competition side of the festival down here at the Greenaway Pro HQ. The surfing has an awesome prize purse; the longboarding is to be run by the British longboard legend, James Parry, and we’ve also mixed it up this year with the bodyboard event.  Tom, being a lover of the boog and a lover of  sliding into some big tubes, we’ve decided not to go down the traditional boogin’ competition route and make it a little more exciting. We’re doing an online video competition.

Wave of the winter.

So here’s the deal.

- It has to be in UK / Ireland in the last 12 months.
- Send 1 wave of you to us and we’ll upload it to our youtube channel.
- Open and under 18′s categories.
- £500 prize
- 1 years sponsorship with Zion Wetsuits (1 winter, 1 summer – unsponsored riders)
- more prizes to be annouced.

Simply send us your clip, name and age straight to via

closing date: 10th September

Greenaway sitting  pretty in an Irish, emerald tube.


It’s 2013 and we’re back!

The Greenaway Pro  is a surf contest with all your friends, it is coffee in the morning and paella on the beach, it is beautiful music and artistic film, it is the party of the summer. The Greenaway Pro is whispered about in West Cornwall, the whispers are spreading, the party is growing. It is community, it is sustainability, it is friendship.

This year the Greenaway Pro is back and with it comes one of the biggest prize purses in British surfing along with internationally renowned musicians, athletically ambitious surfers and the wildest slice of Cornish youth, it’s all for charity and it’s going to be rad…


Some pictures to inspire you. Summer is here. Warm faces and cranking the music up. Peace.

The Neck Beard

Rad As A RAD Thing

The Sound Of Change: Episode One


BEN HOWARD RADIO 6 – roger that

A Old Greenaway Fan and Musical Hero..,,,

Click To Listen to Ben Howard On Radio 6 Today. Hero

All away In GrEen


Dane is different